Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Further Discussion of Post 2

Well again, some very interesting comments/views! One thing I want to make sure all understand - I am not and don't profess to be any kind of authority on the topics of this blog. I am just interested in reading others thoughts regarding monetary things effecting the world we live in today.

A couple of you "stole" some of my thunder for this post! :) Comments regarding banks, Fed Reserve, Wall Street, etc., leads me to my next question. First though, let me say there are "tools" (i.e., Stock Market) used by the super rich who are at the heart of things "behind the scenes", and others like Insurance companies and investment funds that use this to separate the little man from his money, while further cementing their position at or near the top of the pyramid. I wonder sometimes if all the extreme gambles (i.e., derivatives, equities trading [no offense Drew :)], etc.) were eliminated, if it might stabilize things a little and slow down the "big boys" from doing it to the little guys.

Well enough of that. Here's what I would like to ask today. Knowing all countries economies are not being effected like most (i.e., China which due to who controls it, Middle East which I think due to the huge amount of gold they've amassed, and large amount of oil they're setting on, which is being used by the real behind the scenes movers and shakers to separate the little guy from his loot. Here's the two questions for today:

1. Who is really calling the shots for the Fed Reserve, or another way of stating it: who really "owns" the Fed Reserve?

2. Has all the economic turmoil been planned and brought on simply to "redistribute" the wealth to those very few mega rich at the apex of the pyramid?

Let the "games" begin!!


  1. thanks for enriching my knowledge... :)

  2. I like to live in my world of bliss. :)

    Its scary to really think about these questions and realize we aren't in control of anything and the corporations own america.

    Vote Trump 2012 .... :(

  3. 1. Private international bankers. It's federal only in name.

    2.Yes! That's certainly been the outcome. When wondering where something started, just ask "Who benefits?" I don't know if I would use the term 'planned' exactly (though it wouldn't surprise me if it was) but certainly taken advantage of.

  4. you make me think so much harder bout things...

  5. As long as they don't make life so bad for us that it's worth fighting against they'll continue to get away with it.

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  7. 2 . of course . bill gates already has achieved that system .