Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Response to First Post and Next Question

First and foremost, I’d like to thank all of you who have commented on the initial post for this blog! Had some very interesting and insightful comments!

Was greed good up until a certain time in history? Did it enable a certain few to amass wealth and use it to move society forward? When did greed first rear it’s head? Could it have been as far back as cave man times and triggered by fear (lack of enough resources to survive)? Was the advent of banking the culprit that kicked it into over drive?

Like Allen said: “I thinkeveryone has a little greed in them.” I’d have to agree.

Now Malkavain stated: “ Everything in this world taken excessively is bad for you, not enough greed or ambition and you are mediocre, Too much and you are visualized as heartless or corrupt.” If you are greedy, I do believe you’re also ambitious, but you can be ambitious without being greedy.

Moby said: “I for one think greed is necessary but it is holding us back. We have greed billion airs who are holding on to all of this money not paying as much taxes as you and I. They aren't pumping it back into the economy which is a big downer.” I believe this is true, but with the world economy we live in today, the Arabs have amassed such wealth that it has sucked a lot of money out of other countries’ economies. Like some one said in an email I got a while back, we should sell them water at the price of oil! 

Ad stated: “Im left wing. People call me a 'commie' without bearing in mind that the idea of communism is that everyone is equal, regardless of background.
Greed makes me sick - it comes in many forms other than possessions too. If you don't do anything to help others, then youre greedy. As long as youre just making someone happy or going out of your own way to help others, youre being selfless. It isnt so hard, and greed is awful.” Yes, “the idea of communism is that everyone is equal”, but in practice this doesn’t pan out. You have your elitist in that type society/government that live the good life, while the worker bees goof off and struggle to get by. I think in any society you have to have worker bees, because if every one was totally equal you’d be up the creek without a paddle.

Wandering Writer said: “Greed has done far more damage than good. When most people hear the word greed they associate it with money, but people can also be greedy for power, blood, land, and any number of other things. I certainly think people have become more greedy in the sense that they have been taught their entire lives that accumulation of products is one of the chief goals in life. Sadly, we have a consumerist culture and this is encouraged by the system as people are fooled into believing that buying is the only way to have a successful economy and therefore a better society.” I believe WW has very insightful thoughts here, and on the level we’re programmed with the news to believe are true up to a certain point.

I know I ask several questions above (and plz feel free to comment on them), but here is the main topic I'd like to hear back on for today. Who/what do you think is behind the economic melt down in a lot of the countries that’s going on now???????


  1. The economic melt down? Ehh, its hard to pinpoint really...
    I know nothing about it really :( BUT if there is one thing I know, I know that cuts can't sort it all out. I know that over here in England they are making loads of cut backs on different services, and raising tax until every civilian is crippled. It doesn't work like that! To get out of debt you have to be an economic power, and earn money from other countries!

  2. I think the Illuminati/HAARP and other conspiracy theories need more credit, as I believe one of them ought to be true. The world ain't no plethora of peace pyramids! Good on ya mate, nice discussions you've got going on there. Really puts multitudinous notions to question, greedy people epitomise the end of the world.

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  4. Interesting to see all the varying responses. As for the second question...way above my pay grade. But keep up the good work.

  5. Thanks for featuring my comment, sir! As for today's question look no further than the men who control the wealth. People interested in this issue should look into the Federal Reserve, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund-private international banksters who know no loyalty to any nation or ideal other than accumulation of wealth and influence. Also, take a hard look at Wall Street-which boils down to a complex form of gambling, people being paid to do nothing more than shuffle around imaginary numbers and come up with complex equations to maximize profit. The entire economy is a house of cards.

  6. awesome post. I still think there needs to be balance. Greed doesn't need to be bad. I personally think there are different levels of greed, if you are talking about the highest level of greed than yes it is bad. I guess you can say that type of greed is usually tied to ego, because that person wants to be the best at everything but not because they want to better person for themselves but because they want to be better than everyone around them and will do anything to prove it. This type of greed is disgusting.

  7. Oooo I love this post.

    I can tell you exactly what caused the collapse, I can tell you everything, but i will tell you most people dont have a clue. Most people believe what they want to believe, or believe whatever the TV tells them. I made quite a bit of money predicting the "Collapse that no one saw coming." - in the words of Obama, Bernanke, and George Bush
    I produce music as a hobby, but by profession I am an equities trader.

    To sum it all up, it was the Federal Reserve and the Bush administration.
    Shortly after Bush was inaugurated there were signs of a recession after the bust of the DOT COM boom during the 90s. But! Bush didnt want that collapse happening on his watch! So what did he do? He and Greenspan dropped interest rates to an artificially low level, flooding the system with cheap credit hoping to mask the problem. See, there were imbalances, and the only way to fix these imbalances are to go through a recession. Contrary to what people believe, a recession is the cure. Its painful, but its like a drug addict who has their drugs taken away. Its painful but its for the best.
    So bush prevented the recession from happening, and thats bad why? Well because the imbalances were still in the system, only this time the imbalances were much worse. Its as though the entire United State was on one big credit card, and instead of paying it back, they took out another loan. They kept making it worse and worse.
    FINALLY in 08, it all came crumbling down... or so we thought.
    The cheap credit that allowed people to buy homes they couldnt afford, revealed itself. Foreclosures expectantly took place, and people took their money out of the market because they didnt have their home as an asset any longer. Thus the market crashed.
    Only this time, Obama did the exact same thing Bush did. Obama, seeing the collapse thought "Wait a minute... i cant let the collapse happen on my watch it'll make me look bad"
    So he stimulated.
    He did EXACTLY what Bush did to cause the 08 collapse...He started printing money like never before (Which is why silver, gold hit an all time high because they measure inflation) And thats also why food prices and oil have shot up recently.
    What does that mean? The economy is not better, its not over yet folks. The real crash hasnt happened yet, because anytime it starts a president, afraid of what it might mean, prevents it from happening. The truth is it 'has' to happen. Just like when you're in debt, at some point you have to start saving again otherwise its going to get worse, and worse, and worse.


  8. Monopolization of course. Every single small business is brought down by a bigger one out of an international Monopoly. They don't let people go up anymore. Every coffee shop is destroyed by a Starbucks. Every small store is torn apart by a 7/eleven and every small people's market is rendered useless by a WalMart. That's what's going on. ;) Best blog I've seen in a while, keep it up. :)

  9. +1 to wanderingwriter, the problem is that the richest what is it 3%? Control like 30% of the entire nation's (USA) wealth? This doesn't explain the global economic downturn, but in the same token, I don't think the whole world is seeing a downturn. There are countries (and indeed US states) that are seeing tremendous growth in certain areas. Our economic troubles are far from over, but I think we're starting to come out of the slump.

  10. Its a domino effect... if one country says ''oh I cant pay my bill'' the other one is like ''oh the first country cannot pay me, now I cannot pay the rest''
    The solution is so simple! just keep doing what we were doing before the crisis!

  11. Quite the read! And everyone already knows that aliens are behind it all!

  12. A lot of possible things to talking about from your post, and most of the them I don't know enough about to talk about. I do feel like we trust our governments too much, we carry around money that has no value unless the government backs it, and I see a lot of people that are questioning whether our money is worth what it should be.

  13. I am just thoroughly confused by the tremendous amounts of HAARP conspirators.

  14. Stupid sheep consumers who are happy to rack up tons of debt and the business who took a bailout when the sheep market finally caved in.